First Time

Five Friends Share Their Most Intimate Stories of Debauchery

Do you remember your first time?

From anal to bondage to bisexual tendencies, 5 friends get together for a night of passion and wild abandonment while sharing stories of their first times. Not just their first sexual experiences but the first they discovered their most debauched passions. Fantasies come true, orgies of pleasure and thrilling experiences of orgasms shared and watched.

Join Claire as she recounts the events of the evening, watching and listening to the shared sexual exploits of her family and friends.

First Time contains graphic descriptions of oral sex, anal sex, bondage and male bisexuality.

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Personal Arrangement

A Short BDSM Story of Anal Invasion and Orgasm Control

Edging towards orgasm she has to hold back or suffer the consequences.

Suspended from work due to a homemade sex tape and in need to release his anger and frustration James Henderson takes his boss’s secretary out for a drink. After confessing the dominatrix relationship she has with the boss’s son Samantha pushes James into looking for Beth, a young woman who should suit his needs entirely and without question.

Personal Arrangement is a short BDSM story exploring the sexual boundaries and limits of orgasm control, spanking, sex toy play and anal sex.

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The Dinner

An anal tale of lust and submission

What would you do if you met your old high school girlfriend again a decade later?

Meeting her again after all these years. Would the same chemistry of desire still remain? After all, we’d never got past second base before when we dated and had lost touch with each other for nearly a decade.

A dinner date between old friends becomes a night of sordid passion, hidden fantasy and the chance to confess sexual sins. The Dinner is a lewd tale of pent up sexual desire, finally released between a submissive woman and her ex-boyfriend which contains graphic and explicit sex scenes.

The Dinner has been written for lovers of anal sex stories, submissive women and hotel sex.

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The Pegging

A FemDom Tale of Anal Intrigue and Strap-On Revenge

Actor, drunkard, womaniser. There was no debauchery Charles Howland wouldn’t indulge in when he was in control.

When his latest co-star finally relents Charles sets off on a journey to release his carnal desires until he discovers Jenny has changed her plans and turned the tables on him. Taking control and dominating him. With Charles tied up and exposed Jenny has the opportunity to wield her new toy with explosive consequences. The Pegging is a story of female domination, analingus and restraints with butt plugs and strap-on sex toys.

Can Charles handle being on the receiving end for a change?

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